Cannabis Oil Approval Accelerates Growth of New Industry



May 9, 2016 – With Alabama joining Virginia this month in passing legislation that approves or regulates the medicinal use of cannabis oil (cannabidiol, or CBD), and other states already following suit, increasing numbers of providers are preparing to meet the demand for the compound. These 17 states, among them Colorado, Texas, along with a pending bill in Oklahoma, join an expanding list of countries (including Brazil, and New Zealand) who have recently granted expanded access to medical marijuana derived compounds.  

According to Quadratum, a producer and advocate of medicinal CBD oil use based in Alamosa, Colorado, there is a rising awareness of its therapeutic benefits, and growing need for modern, environment-friendly production facilities to capitalize on its legal status. “What we’re finding is there’s a wide open frontier, in terms of what it can do, and what we’re seeing in terms of treatment of patients. People with a wide variety of diseases and ailments are seeing real, true healing,” reports Emmy award winning journalist Ben Swann.

“There’s actually not nearly enough people (producing) it right now. There are enormous backlogs of cancer patients, people with Crohns disease, and people with epilepsy who are on waiting list to receive the CBD oil. There’s not enough production going on, to meet the demand right now. Which of course makes the cost of CBD higher than it needs to be.” Swann suggests the federal government may also be holding up production, as it has not moved as quickly as many states in approving it for medicinal use.

CBD oil currently remains on the Schedule I drug list due to its derivation from the marijuana plant. There is also a concern, in light of the expanded access, that new producers should conform to a higher standard of practice and quality control when generating cannabis oil products. Quadratum on its site has announced “we currently use no pesticides or herbicides on our farm, and we are in the process of acquiring USDA Organic Certification. We want our customers to be able to buy the best, most wholesome CBD oil and hemp products possible.”


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